Play Farm to Cart Your Next Family Game Night

Tired of Trouble? Stumped by Scrabble (um where is the dictionary?) Still mad about the last round of Monopoly? The American Farm Bureau for Agriculture may have found the solution!

farm to cart game

Try out Farm to Cart! An easy to play, fun to win, FREE downloadable board game, Farm to Cart was created to help introduce children to the idea that their food started on a farm. Children often wonder “where does the grocery store get the food?”  Before these items ever get to the grocery store they are grown and raised by a caring farmer.  By playing and having a discussion with learners, everyone involved will better understand of how farmers use land in different ways to grow crops.

Playing is easy. Cut out the pieces, grab a die and get ready to shop! Players will race to be the first one to harvest items from the farm and place them in their grocery carts. To win, a player must have three items that grow on trees, three animal products from the land and three items from the soil.

This game is 100% free to download, print, and share.


Quote about the game:

“I connected the concept to real life events she would understand (like going apple picking she picked apples off the trees and we will go strawberry picking and those come out of the ground). She loved filling her shopping cart! We don’t have dice so I cut the dice instructions into strips and mixed them up each turn to let her pick. She LOVED that! She wanted to take the pieces with her everywhere! She recognized the animals and fruit and veggie token pieces and could easily place them. Overall it was a fun game we will play it again!”

~ Katie, MD mom of a 3 year old


Don’t stop there! Why not print, laminate and gift it to a well deserving Pre-K or elementary school teacher near you! I’m sure he or she would love the game as much as the students!

Thanks to farmers and ranchers, we enjoy an abundance of food, clothing and shelter. Let’s spread the word by helping others understand where it came from.

Download the game here.


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