Organizing Your Closet

By Sarah Hunt, AZFB Communications Intern


You might already have a good system for your closet, or you might have clothes and shoes on the floor and a system that could be improved. Either way, you will benefit from these organizing tips from The Home Edit.


(If you are looking to redesign the shelving and rods in your closet, read about how the Home Edit did it for Kasey Musgraves and Leah Hasson of Love & Lion by clicking on the corresponding links. Otherwise, these organization tips below are just to help you organize your closet how it already is!)


Hanging Space


You will need:


Nonslip Velvet Hangers – Getting a pack of white velvet hangers ensures your clothes stay on the hanger and it gives your closet a nice, uniform look.

Velvet Hanger Clips – This pack of 20 clips should be plenty for hanging skirts and shorts. Pants and jeans can be folded over the bar of the hanger.


Tip: To create the most efficient closet, The Home Edit recommends using two hanging rods for shirts and pants, and a single rod next to them for long dresses. See picture below for example.





The following is a combination of my opinion and how I would organize my own closet, according to how it’s built. But if putting things in different places than I’ve suggested below works better for you, go for it!


Lower Shelves


You will need:


Clear Rectangular Riser – Buy a few of these clear risers to double the storage space and allow you to see everything on your lower shelves. Make sure to order the right width and height in this product. My shelves are tall and deep, so these make a great addition. If you have shorter shelves, make sure to get shorter risers.


Tip: I like to put shoes directly on the lower shelves and risers instead of putting them in shoe boxes. This makes them much more accessible.


Tip: If you have any special pairs of shoes that you don’t wear very often, I recommend getting some shoe boxes to keep them in so they don’t get dusty. They have sizes that fit boots and heels. They also have drop-front boxes that protect your shoes from dust and keep you from having to pull out one shoe box from under your stack of shoe boxes.



Medium Height Shelves


You will need:


Clutch & Small Purse Organizer – Use as many of these as you need to fit all your small purses and clutches. You can stack your shoes above and below these organizers like they did in the picture below, or you can keep all the shoes beneath them and put the storage bins (mentioned below) right above the clutches, instead of on the very top shelf. You can also use the shelf directly above the clutches to place all of your larger purses in a row.



Stackers Jewelry Box Collection – This is the perfect jewelry organizing solution, and it can go right on top of your clutch holders. Stackers are a series of jewelry trays that have grooves on the bottom, so they fit together securely when stacked and give the appearance of a whole jewelry box. These can also be laid flat next to each other if you have a shallow drawer in your dresser or vanity, so you can see all your jewelry at once.

The Container Store has several different tray organizer styles you can choose from to create the perfect jewelry box that fits all of your different-sized accessories. Use Stackers to store earrings, bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses, spare glasses, rings, watches, and more.



Top Shelves


You will need:


Storage Baskets for Shelves – These are perfect for storing folded winter or sentimental clothing that isn’t used often. These come in a set of two, so order as many sets as you need to fill the top shelf with a little space in between baskets. If you have baskets leftover that aren’t filled, you can use them to hold your bigger purses, hats, or other items.



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All the images in this blog post are from this article: THE Projects: Kacey Musgrave’s Closet.

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