No Agriculture, No Super Bowl!

By Heide Kennedy, Arizona Farm Bureau Communications Intern

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, and many fans are already preparing for parties and tailgates to hang out with friends and family as they cheer on their teams. While I am definitely not an avid football fan, there is one player that I will be rooting for! That player would be agriculture! Yep, you read that right! Agriculture plays a huge role when it comes to football, and without it, football wouldn’t even exist!

The Super Bowl, or any football game for that matter, would be no fun at all to watch if there wasn’t a football! NFL footballs are made from cowhide, and according to  Texas Farm Bureau, a single cowhide provides enough leather to make 20 footballs!

Football would be no fun to play if it weren’t for the grass that covers the field. Even though we often don’t associate grass with agriculture, it takes a grower to plant the grass seed and care for it to produce the sod needed to cover football fields!

Agriculture is also essential for the jerseys that both players and fans wear on game day. Those jerseys that are worn are made from cotton, which is a fiber that we grow a lot of here in our home state of Arizona!

Finally, the Super Bowl wouldn’t be as enjoyable if it weren’t for all of the delicious foods that are served at tailgates and parties! If it weren’t for agriculture, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy all the hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, or any of the other foods and drinks that are served!

Who knew that agriculture played such a huge role in football? As you watch the game, spend time at a party with friends and family, and enjoy all the game day foods, remember that it didn’t just appear out of nowhere. Farmers and ranchers all over the United States made it possible for us to enjoy all the fun that comes with the Super Bowl!

To learn more about Arizona agriculture, check out the Fill Your Plate blog and Arizona Farm Bureau’s website!

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