Five Fall Activities To Do With Your Kids

By Kennadee Riggs, Communications Intern


Are you and your kids going to spend fall break at home? Are you looking for activities to keep you all busy? Here is a fun collection of autumn crafts to do with your children in the coming months of this season.


1 . Painted Pinecone Turkeys

This craft requires only a few items, one of which you can likely find on the sidewalks of your own neighborhood! The kids are guaranteed to love it. 


2 .  Pumpkin Volcano

Not only is this activity a festive activity, it is also an easy science experiment! Your kiddos will have a blast with this, all while learning about chemistry.


3 . Beaded Harvest Corn

A great way to teach children about history is to provide interactive activities that will help them love learning! Making beaded harvest corn is a wonderful crossover between a cute craft and an opportunity to learn about the origin of Thanksgiving. 


4 . Autumn Animal Collages

Are you tired of raking up leaves without putting them to use for something? Grab a handful from your pile in the backyard and gather your kids. This activity gives them an opportunity to be creative, all while recycling nature’s beauty!


5 . Pressed Leaf Bookmarks

If you have a reader in your family, and a few extra leaves in the yard, this do-it-yourself is for you. Pressing leaves and making aesthetic bookmarks are such a great way to have creative fun this fall!


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