Demand for Fresh, Local Food Drives Farmers’ Market Growth

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Buy locally and support your local farmers at your local Farmers’ Markets  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Agriculture Department said the number of farmers’ markets in its national directory has increased 9.6 percent. USDA made the announcement to kick off National Farmers’ Market Week, Aug. 5-11.


USDA’s directory now lists 7,864 markets, compared to the 7,175 markets listed last year. Regions that have had large increases are the mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Southeast, reporting 15.8, 14.4 and 13.1 percent growth, respectively. California leads the nation in the number of farmers’ markets (827).


Here in Arizona, our rate of growth mirrors the national average, with as the amount of Farmers’ Markets increased about 8 to 10%.  We have many Farmers’ Markets around our state and our local farmers would love to meet you.  Check out our complete list of Farmers’ Markets here to find one near you.


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