Have you ever had a question about your home garden that you haven’t known where to get your answers from?  Or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn about composting but didn’t know where to start?  How about when to plant what seeds, or what grows best in our soil? Maybe you’re even looking for a specific product, like gluten free products.

Help has arrived! There’s a great feature on, that answers these questions—and much more!  It’s called “Chat with a Farmer,” where you can ask everything  from how to compost and where to purchase seeds to what are the differences between grass-fed beef, free range beef.  You can get a farmer’s opinion or advice on all things related to our food!

Our Chat with a Farmer  forum brings the industry experts, our farmers, to the forefront, and gives our visitors and members a chance to not only get the answers to their questions, but also get to know our farmers and what they do best.

Composting has been a popular topic on the Chat with a Farmer forum and  a great deal of valuable information was posted by our farmers and visitors alike.

There’s even a section devoted to chefs looking for where they can find specific products that may or may not be offered in local grocery stores.  For example, if you’re looking for cuts of lamb or wool, you’ll find a farmer named Stephen, from New River, AZ.

Black Mesa Ranch in Snowflake, AZ offers farmstead artisan cheeses.  A former chef himself, David from Black Mesa Ranch now sells almost exclusively wholesale to restaurants, hotels and clubs. In our CHAT WITH  A FARMER forum, David was able to introduce his unique products to chefs and restaurants.

Whatever your question are about we’re sure to have answers on Chat with a Farmer.  But the best part is that you get to take advantage of hundreds of years of Agricultural experience and expertise.   So stop by and ask away!

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