Ask a Farmer: Do You Sell Crops at Local Farmer’s Markets?

Ask a Farmer:  Moms Ask Arizona Farmers & Ranchers Question #5

“Do you sell your crops at local farmer’s markets?”

Desert Roots FarmThat’s a great question! Yes, at Desert Roots Farm, selling our crops at a local level is very important to us.  We understand that you place great value in knowing that the food you feed your families is as fresh and healthy as possible.  Our goal is to bring the farm back to the community and the community back to the farm. This relationship allows both parties to benefit—the farmers are able to continue doing what we love (growing food!), and you receive high quality produce and the benefit of knowing exactly who grew it and where it was grown.

We sell some of our products at the local Gilbert Farmer’s Market every Saturday, located on Gilbert Rd., just north of Elliot and runs 6am to 11am during the summer months, but the majority of our products are sold through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  Our CSA program gives families and individuals the opportunity to purchase a share of our harvest for a twelve week season and then receive a bag of veggies from our farm each week.  We harvest all of the produce the day before delivery so that our customers are getting the freshest, locally grown produce possible.  This level of local involvement allows the community to establish a long-term relationship with the farm that grows their food.

Kelly Saxer

Kelly Saxer, owner of Desert Roots Farm

Advice by Kelly Saxer, owner of Desert Roots Farm.  Desert Roots Farm has been growing and selling vegetables and herbs since 2001 and is located on 33 acres in beautiful, rural Queen Creek, Arizona. Saxer, an Arizona Farm Bureau member, is one of approximately 150 retail or direct-market farmers in Arizona. Many of Arizona’s retail farmers and ranchers are members of Farm Bureau. Desert Roots Farm is also featured on Fill Your Plate.

Project Coordinator for “Ask a Farmer” Savannah N. Bayci


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