6 Easy Ways to Warm Up Your Home this Fall

Christmas holiday decoration ideas

Follow these tips to get your home decorated for the holidays. (photo credit: BigStockPhoto.com)

The nights are shorter and a little bit colder and there is Christmas music playing in all of the stores. There is no denying that we are in the heyday of the fall season. It is time to pull out warmer clothes, long pants, and maybe even a jacket to get your wardrobe ready for the winter. While you are sprucing up your wardrobe, take a minute to make a few seasonal changes around the house as well. Changing small aspects of the décor along with the changing seasons keeps things fresh and bringing a little fall warmth into your decorating can make those short days seem less depressing.

Whether you are entertaining for the holidays or just looking for a way to make the early evenings seem less dark and dire, these ideas will help you add a little fall flare and welcome warmth to your home.


  1. Choose Different Art

Most people pick some pictures or art work that they like, hang them on the wall, and never consider changing them until they redo the room or need to paint. However, swapping out art work in main areas like the dining room, hall, or even kitchen can be an easy way to freshen things up with each season. For fall, choose art with warm, rich colors like reds, yellows, oranges, and greens.


  1. Seasonal Pillows and Throws

Another quick easy way to incorporate the warm feelings associated with the fall season is to replace standard throw pillows with some that have a seasonal flavor like fall leaves. Choosing seasonally themed throws can also bring warmth to any room – both figuratively and literally!


  1. Light Up the Night with Candlelight

There are few light sources that inspire a sense of warmth and comfort like candlelight. Turn down the harsh overhead lights and use the flickering glow of a few candles to create an ambience that is all fall. Choosing candles scented with fall scents like pine or wind can also bring the season inside your home. Old fashioned canning jars make great candle holders that fit perfectly in with the harvest season.


  1. Give Your Entranceway Some Seasonal Curb Appeal

Simple touches like a pile of well-placed pumpkins, a few pots full of fall mums, or an autumn wreath on the door can make your home feel warm and inviting to anyone who comes to call.


  1. Bring the Outside In

Natural elements like acorns, pressed leaves, and pinecones can quickly dress your home up for the fall season. Use these elements on mantles, in floor vases, or frame them and use them as your seasonal art installation.


  1. Feature Fall Fruits

A large glass vase filled with fall fruits like cranberries is beautiful, seasonally appropriate, and simple to do. You can quickly create a beautiful centerpiece with some fall fruit and couple glass vases and bowls. Add some pressed leaves and acorns and you have a fall centerpiece worthy of the fanciest table.

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