3 Egg-cellent Ways to Celebrate Eggs in May

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Follow these tips to celebrate Eggs this month! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you know that on average, Americans eat about 250 eggs a year?  It’s true.  We love to scramble them up for breakfast, hard boil them for lunch, and mix them into a variety of delicious dishes for dinner.  And our egg consumption is on the rise, which is great news for egg producing farms, like Hickman’s Eggs here in Arizona.  After reaching an all time high of 260 eggs per person in 2006, egg consumption dropped considerably as people let go of their low-carb dieting days.  But as the price of other proteins like beef, pork, and chicken have gone up, people have embraced their old friend, the egg, as a less expensive source of protein.  It also helps that recent research has shown some of the health benefits gained from a diet that includes eggs.

May is National Egg Month and there is no better way to celebrate then to re-introduce some delicious dishes featuring eggs into your diet.  Here are our 3 favorite ways to celebrate eggs all month long.

1.     Eat Them for Breakfast!

Eggs are so versatile; we could spend all day just listing the different ways to cook them.  Some people like them scrambled, others like them over-easy, and then there are those who prefer to eat them hard-boiled and whole.  No matter which way is your favorite, celebrate egg month by incorporating eggs back into breakfast.    Here are some great breakfast ready, eggs-tra special recipes to help you out.

2.     Make Them into a Meal

Since they are packed full of protein, eggs can act as a low-cost alternative to other proteins in your diet.  With a little creativity and some simple swaps, you can make eggs into the start of your meal.  If you normally have hamburgers, swap out the burger for a spicy egg sandwich.  On burrito night, swap out the beef and make breakfast burritos for dinner.  Here are some other ideas for how to make a couple dollars of eggs into a masterful meal.

3.    Serve them as a Snack

Kids love hard boiled eggs and the new research into how healthy they are shows they may be one of the healthier snacks in your kitchen.  According to the American Egg Board, each egg contains a mere 70 calories and provides 13 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and a powerful punch of protein.  Snacks that are high in protein can keep kid’s stomachs from rumbling and their hands from reaching for more snacks from the time they get home from school until it’s time for dinner.    Pair a hard-boiled egg with a piece of fruit or some vegetable spears for a super-healthy snack.

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