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Why Your Favorite Meats Could Soon Disappear!

If you are like 96% of the American population, you enjoy eating meat. Whether it’s steak, hamburger, pork, fish, or chicken, we consume on average, about eight ounces of meat per day; more than twice the global average.

But before we can eat that meat it needs to be processed; that is killed, cut up, packaged, and distributed.

And a good percentage of that meat that we enjoy eating is processed by small and independent meat processers located in the United States. However new regulation is threatening to put many of these smaller processers out of business.

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Bashas’ Grocery Supports Our Communities

Arizona’s hometown grocery store Bashas, supports Arizona farms and businesses. They are hosting outdoor festivals at their stores throughout the year.

If you would be interested in being a vendor at these community events, contact the store manager.

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Getting the Most Bang for Your Food Buck

Recent findings from a study done by Arizona State University’s W. P. Carey School of Business suggest that the presence of the store brand, commonly called the “generic” brand, can save everyone money, including those who don’t even buy it.

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