Arizona Olive Oil and Leafy Greens Make for the Perfect Salad

Putting Olive oil on salad helps the body absorb nutrients. Good to know since Yuma, Arizona is considered America’s winter Salad Bowl because of all the leafy greens it produces!

mixed fresh salad leaves

photo: bigstock

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Arizona’s Female Farmers

Women represent a third of America’s farmers and ranchers. And, Arizona has the largest percentage of female farmers partly due to so many of our female American Indian farmers.

Ramona Button is owner of Ramona farms in Pinal County.


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Pork is Certified Heart Healthy

Many pork cuts are as lean or leaner than chicken. And pork is an excellent source of nutrients. In fact, the American Heart Association certifies pork as heart-healthy

Pork is Heart Healthy (photo credit: BigStockPhoto.com)


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The Importance of Food Safety Labels

New food safety labels on leafy greens will now identify the growing region and the “Harvested after” date. This label lets us understand different regions of the country and how they have different harvest seasons. Plus, during the winter, you’ll see “Yuma, Arizona” as a growing region.



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A Third of Crops Are Lost to Pests

Worldwide, a third of crops are lost to pests. But, proper use of pesticides helps farmers protect our food supply. In the battle with the bugs, the best defense is a good offense. Arizona farmers fight with a variety of tools to keep your food safe.

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