Arizona Agriculture Grows More With Less

Arizona farmers grow more food and fiber with less – less land, less labor, less water, less soil erosion, less energy use, less greenhouse gas emissions – but with more efficiency and safety. Arizona farmers do more using fewer resources!

03 FEBRUARY 2003 – YUMA, ARIZONA, USA: Harvesting Broccoli on the Flanagan Farms near Yuma, AZ. PHOTO BY JACK KURTZ

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Alfalfa Plus Cattle Equals Food for You and Me!

You want Alfalfa to grow in Arizona! If we don’t grow alfalfa, we can’t have a local dairy or beef industry in Arizona. Our dairy farmers must have alfalfa nearby to feed their dairy cows.

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Regions In Arizona Represent Different Agricultural Water Issues

Regions of Arizona represent different agricultural water issues. What is Maricopa County’s water issue is not Yavapai County’s? But one thing is common, Arizona’s farmers and ranchers get more crop per drop to grow the food we love.



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Arizona’s Summers Extend Our Sweet Corn Season!

Thanks to Arizona’s climate, our sweet corn season runs from late May to early July in the valley and to late September up north allowing us to have one of the longer sweet corn seasons. Go to Fill Your Plate and find the farms that will sell directly to you.

Sweet Corn

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May is National Egg Month!

May is National Egg Month! Did you know that our own Hickman’s Family Farms produces more than 14 million eggs a day for Arizona families? So, go ahead, it’s okay to eat more eggs, it’s a healthy choice!

Fresh white eggs in cardboard egg box.

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