Arizona Agriculture in Our Counties

Like Yuma and other Arizona counties, Pinal County does an amazing job with water, soil and farming. Each one of the more than 900 farms in this county produces on average $1 million in farm production, bringing nearly a billion dollars into our local economy.

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Arizona Agriculture Is Local Agriculture!

Go to any Arizona grocery store and you’ll be surrounded by local food. You can find it in the dairy, meat and egg case and the produce aisle. In fact, 53% of the beef in the meat case comes from Arizona ranches like mine.

How well do you know your cuts of meat? (photo credit: Bigstockphoto.com)

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Arizona Agriculture Represents a Primary Sector that Helps Drive the Rest of Our Economy

Farming, Fishing, Forestry, and Mining are every economy’s most important sectors. Without them, other industries cannot exist. Arizona agriculture is a 23-billion-dollar industry. We need farming and ranching and that’s why I’m proud to be an Arizona rancher.

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It’s Leafy Green Season in Arizona and Especially Yuma!

Right now, Yuma farmers are producing so many fresh leafy greens, they’re supplying about 130 million servings to the U.S. and Canada every single day. Annually, when you add California that translates to 50 billion servings for our two countries.

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Conventional and Organic Farming: Both Are Important

Both methods of farming, Arizona Organic and Conventional farming are more alike than different. They both have well-established markets. They both use approved pesticides and they both feed us with the same level of nutrition.


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