Conventional and Organic Farming: Both Are Important

Both methods of farming, Arizona Organic and Conventional farming are more alike than different. They both have well-established markets. They both use approved pesticides and they both feed us with the same level of nutrition.


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Arizona Milk is Fresh; It Comes from Arizona Dairy Cows!

June is Dairy month! 97% of milk in our Arizona grocery stores comes from our local Arizona dairies where the cows make the freshest milk, cheese, and yogurt. A dairy cow will produce 7 to 8 gallons of milk every day.

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Drink Milk. It’s Healthy For You

Look at Labels for products with “Milk” in the title: Dairy milk’s ingredient list is short —milk, vitamins A, and D. Non-dairy ingredient lists can be much longer and have 10 or more additives. Choose dairy milk, it’s real milk.



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Need More Fiber? Add Nuts to Your Diet

Need more fiber in your diet? Eat Arizona Pistachios or Pecans! A one-ounce serving provides 10% of the Daily Recommended Intake for fiber. Arizona farm families grow these healthy, tasty tree nuts.

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Arizona Agriculture Does More with Less

Arizona farmers grow more food and fiber with less – less land, less labor, less water, less soil erosion, less energy use, less greenhouse gas emissions – but with more efficiency and safety. Arizona farmers do more using fewer resources!

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