Plant a Garden This Fall!

By Heide Kennedy, Arizona Farm Bureau Communications Intern

Finally! It’s officially the first day of fall and the weather is cooling down in Arizona and it is becoming nicer to be outdoors than it is to be indoors! If you’re looking for something to keep yourself busy with and that keeps you outdoors during the cooler weather, consider planting a garden! Whether you choose flowers, vegetables, or both, gardening provides a great reason to be outside getting some sunlight and physical activity.

Not only is gardening just an enjoyable hobby, but it is actually good for you! Anya Miller, a dietician at the Mayo Clinic says that gardening has an abundance of health benefits. If you choose to plant a vegetable garden, then you get to reap the fruits of your labor, literally. With veggies planted in your garden, you’ll be all set with your own homegrown, fresh vegetables to incorporate into your diet. Even if you stick with filling your flower beds with all kinds of flowers, you’ll still benefit from gardening, as it is a great way to alleviate stress and anxiety and to make yourself get outside more. Plus, it can be a family affair. When children experience the fun of gardening they become more aware of where their food comes from.

Wondering what to plant? Miller suggests planting a variety of different colored vegetables in your garden, as each veggie contains different vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to our health. For more detailed and specific information about what to plant and when here in Arizona, the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension has some great resources on their website, including a Master Gardener program!

So, get outside and plant a nice little garden while the temperature is lower and enjoy your own fresh vegetables or flowers!

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