Our Celebrating the Centennial Series, Part 3

1941-1943 Cecil H. Miller, Sr

Cecil H. Miller, Sr 1941-1943 Image via Julie Murphree at AZFB

Editor’s Note: Beginning in January, Arizona Farm Bureau began a series of articles celebrating Arizona’s Centennial and the state’s agriculture history. We hope to continue the article series on Arizona Agriculture through the year.


And, we want to share with our Fill Your Plate readers these special stories too!


Third in the series, “Like Father, Like Son,” tells the farming and ranching story of a father and son and their mutual leadership roles in the Arizona Farm Bureau.  This story is a testament to family values and hard won achievement because of persistence and commitment.


1971-1992 Cecil H. Miller, Jr

Cecil H. Miller, Jr 1971-1992 Image via Julie Murphree at AZFB

The first in the series: “A piece of Arizona Agriculture History in our Home

The Second in the series: “The Man from Gila River.




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