Meals to Make Mother’s Day Magical

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What meal will you make to honor your mom this Mother’s Day? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are as many ways to make Mother’s Day perfect as there are mothers who deserve to have a special day.  The ingredients for a magical Mother’s Day are all around you and it doesn’t take a lot of money to create a lasting memory.  The most important thing is to plan a day tailor-made for your Mom.

Start by thinking about what she loves to do.  Does she like to get dressed up and go to the ballet or is she more of a jeans and sneakers at the football game kind of mom?  The kind of things she likes to do can help you figure out some fun ways to spend the day.  If she likes to dress-up, you might take her shopping for a pair of shoes.  If she loves sports, you might spend the day playing tennis or at the batting cage.  You know you mom better than anyone else so think about what she would do if she had a day to do anything, and then do it with her.

No matter what your plan includes, you will likely want to make your mom a special meal to show her how much you appreciate all she does for you.  While breakfast in bed is a Mother’s Day staple, you can also branch out and pick a different time of day to make your magical meal.  This is another place where you can show your Mom that you “get” her by creating a meal made just for her.  Here are some creative examples of different Mother’s Day meals that will put a little magic in the day.  Use them as they are or as a starting point to create your own menu that features all your mom’s favorite foods.

Whatever you decide to do on that special day and no matter which meal you decide to make, remember that the magic of this day comes from time spent with you.  Most Mother’s would agree that the most important ingredient for a memorable Mother’s Day is simply spending time with you.

Beautiful Brunch

Perfect for family gatherings and multi-generational Mother’s Day celebrations.

Lovely Luncheon

Elegant and easy way to show mom you care.

Perfect Picnic

Great for moms who love the outdoors and families with small children.

Sophisticated Soirée

Delicious dinner for moms of all ages and styles.

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