Did You Know Cabbage is in Season?

By Bailey Roden, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern

For January and February Cabbage is in season! Fill Your Plate has an article explaining how amazing it is that in Arizona we can grow crops year round! Check out the article tilted Planting Through the Low Desert Seasons to see what you should be planting in your garden this month!  Cabbage is great in the kitchen and for your health. Check out the article titled Learn a Little bit About Cabbage to read a story about how cabbage positively impacted the writer’s health. Who knows maybe next time cabbage will be your go-to produce?

In Arizona, we are blessed to be surrounded by locally-grown cabbage! Take a look at the article about 7 of Arizona’s Best Picks, this informative article will remind you how lucky you are to have such great local produce all around you. Cabbage can assist you in renewing your health. Check out this article all about ascorbic acid to learn more! Also, don’t forget Easter is sooner than you think! Check out this article for all the fun ways to dye eggs, cabbage can even play a part in creating decorative eggs!

After you’ve been exposed to all these informative articles about cabbage, check out this list of amazing recipes to bring into your household, while also introducing the great health benefits of cabbage to your family:

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