How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

By Sarah Hunt, AZFB Communications Intern



Every year, billions of people make new year’s resolutions. Not many people keep going after January. Want to know how the people who keep them do it? Find out below!


Pick a Specific Goal

A lot of people have a general idea of what they want to work on in the coming year, but it helps a ton to know exactly what your goal is. So instead of saying you want to lose weight this year, decide how much you want to lose, then make that your goal. Or if your goal has to do with personal growth, decide what specifically you want to work on, such as being more patient, less easily offended, being more slow to anger, etc.


Plan It Out

It’s easy to get discouraged and give up after a few weeks if you don’t have a plan. Make a certain time every day for working on your goal. Think in increments; instead of focusing on the end goal, be in the moment and focus on doing your best. Make sure you are tracking the progress you make, whether it’s by checking off your workout on a white board calendar, in a paper planner, or on your phone’s calendar. Write out in advance what you are going to do each day for however long you think it will take to achieve your goal, so you already have a plan for each day when it arrives.


Positive Self-Talk And Rewarding Yourself

Be proud of yourself! Whether its for getting up this morning and being productive, crushing a workout, or finally reaching your goal. It’s important to celebrate the small victories; we wouldn’t have the big victories without them! When it’s hard and you’re getting discouraged, don’t think badly of yourself. Think positive thoughts, develop daily affirmations or mantras, and think of the good things in your life you’re grateful for.

Reward yourself weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly as you reach important steps in your journey. If you have a goal to lose 20 pounds, this could mean rewarding yourself every time you lose five pounds. This helps you stay motivated and keep progressing towards your goal. Make your rewards purchases or experiences that make you happy, like going to the lake or buying art supplies. Whatever your hobbies are, pursue them with your rewards! That way you can do more of what brings you joy and avoid spending your rewards on sugary treats.

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