Great Ideas for Holiday Sweets and Treats

christmas brunch

Try one of these Arizona recipes this holiday season (Photo credit: surlygirl)

One of the best things about the holidays is all the delicious desserts and delicacies that seem to come with the season.  There is no other time during the year where you are likely to find a variety of cookies, some pie, homemade candy, and even fudge in most Arizona kitchens.  When it comes to things we look forward to about the holidays, getting presents is the only thing that beats out all the sweets and treats.

While many of us have family favorites that have been handed down from our parents and grandparents, there is always room in the holiday season to try some new recipes.  Here are some of our favorites, many of which are made using ingredients grown right here in Arizona.   No matter what the occasion or event, you are sure to find something on this list that will tempt your taste buds and help you fill each and every holiday plate from now until New Year’s.

Christmas Morning or Holiday Brunch

Arizona Specialties

Delicious Desserts


Cookie Swap




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