Fun Facts About Gourds

By Sarah Hunt, AZFB Communications Intern



Did you know gourds grow in Arizona? They thrive in the warm weather, especially at the Wuertz’s Gourd Farm (learn more about Wuertz family here). The Wuertz family have been growing gourds since 2002. They hold classes, ship their gourds all over the world, and even have a Wuertz Farms Gourd Festival every February. Gourds are mostly known for their use in art and decoration, especially around the holidays. Get your gourds from the Wuertz Gourd Farm this year and use them to add a festive look to your mantle, porch, or table. Learn more about gourds with these fun facts!


  • Most gourds, unlike squash, are not edible!
  • The kinds that are edible are the Sponge, Bottle, Asian, and Cucuzza gourds.
  • They come in all different shapes and textures.
  • They come in a variety of colors, including green, yellow, and orange.
  • Their sizes range from “earring-sized to gourds that you cannot fit your arms around, and every shape in between,” according to Wuertz.
  • Gourds are versatile and in the past have been made into jugs, bowls, utensils, birdhouses, musical instruments, and much more.
  • Today they are widely used in art projects.


Listen to our upcoming episode of Rosie on the House on January 2nd to find out more about gourds and the Wuertz family!

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