Everything is Better with Bacon

English: A Burger King bacon cheeseburger.

Many people love bacon on their cheeseburger. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are very few people who would admit to not loving bacon.  There is just something about the smoky flavor and juicy deliciousness that makes bacon the perfect add-on or add-in to almost everything.  There is the bacon cheeseburger, a perfect pairing of two of America’s favorite foods.  There is the BLT, which uses tomatoes and lettuce to balance out any guilt we feel about the bacon.  There is even bacon flavored ice cream.  Pick up the menu of any restaurant today and you will likely find bacon popping up in unexpected places because bacon isn’t just for breakfast anymore.

Our love of bacon is one of the reasons there was so much concern earlier this fall that the drought would drive pork prices up and up and that there would be a bacon shortage.  The thought of life with less bacon had everyone in a frenzy.  Thankfully, most experts don’t support the idea that there will be some kind of “porkpocalypse” so we don’t need to start hoarding bacon in the freezer in order to be able to enjoy this tasty treat!

December 30th is National Bacon Day and we think this offers people a great opportunity to go whole hog and have bacon with every meal.  Support your local ranchers and farmers by looking for bacon, pork products, and other ingredients that are grown or raised right here in Arizona.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use bacon throughout your day.

Apple Bacon Slaw – Mixing the sweetness of apples with a touch of mustard, gives this cabbage based, bacon blessed slaw a sweetly tart taste to match its creamy texture.

Arizona Quiche – Using locally raised eggs, rich creamy cheese, fresh scallions from the farmer’s market, green chilies, and a bunch of bacon, this is a breakfast that can’t be beat!

Avocado Appetizer – From the avocados to the green chilies, this appetizer uses the best flavors Arizona has to offer and the best locally-sourced bacon to make a mouthful your guests will rave about.

Brent’s Honey Bacon Green Bean Bundles – Put the goodness of green beans and the smoky flavor or bacon together and you get a delicious side dish that might even get the kids to eat their veggies.

Chicken Breasts with Cheese and Chilies – The name should read “and Bacon” because this tasty main dish wouldn’t be the same without it.

Frittata with Bacon and Potatoes – Another great way to start off an Arizona day with a filling dish that features locally-raised eggs and a mound of crisp bacon.

Hickman’s Jalapeno Bacon and Egg Bake – Spice up your day and your breakfast with this fabulously flavorful breakfast dish.

Ranch Beans and Chicken – Nothing reminds you of the Old West more than a hearty dish that is at home in a restaurant and around a campfire on the ranch.

Rasher or Buckboard Bacon Burger – Our list wouldn’t be complete without a delicious locally sourced burger starring bacon.  Look for Arizona ingredients for the freshest food and the most authentic Southwest flavor.



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