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Perceptions Have Changed

Today, 310 million people live in the United States. This means a multitude of people with their own ideas and opinions about everything from who should be the next “American Idol” or “Dancing with the Stars” champion, to dieting and nutrition, to politics, and yes, even agriculture.

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Animal Rights: Negative Media Attention Impacts Meat Demand

Media attention to animal welfare results in significant, negative effects on U.S. meat demand, according to a new analysis by Kansas State University.

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Farmers and Ranchers Care About Animal Welfare

Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau Love of the rural lifestyle, land and animals comes across clearly if you hang out long enough with Alan and Diana Kessler. Since 1981 the husband and wife team have managed the Orme Ranch, about … Continue reading

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Continuing the Conversation on Animal Agriculture's Antibiotic Use: The Poultry Industry

Thanks to Dr. McClure’s insightful editorial “Animal Agriculture and Responsible Antibiotic Use”we understand a lot more about antibiotic use in animal agriculture. But let’s keep the conversation going!   So, we know that antibiotics are administered in animal agriculture. And, … Continue reading

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